MIKE BROOKS. Known for hit songs like ‘Rum Drinker’ or ‘Money Is Not All’, Mike is one of the true heroes of the roots reggae sound of the late 70’s: stepper riddims with militant drumming, heavy basslines, thunder of spring reverbs… This is the kind of sound The 18th Parallel recreated with a new riddim designed especially for Mike’s high-pitched voice. ‘Mother Earth’ has not only a strong riddim, but also a strong message, more relevant than ever. The song, written by Mike Brooks’ daughter, is a call for ecological awareness of the state the planet is in : « Mother Earth is crying out for help… ». Young and old, this song is for all of us. B side with ‘Earth Cry’ is a killer dub version by NY top producer and mixing engineer Channel Tubes. Wicked!

FTR037 - Mike Brooks - “Mother Earth”