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released November 1, 2011 

Channel Tubes Proudly Presents... 


UZIMON - Hard...So Hard / TICKLAH - Bettah Version 

Eddie Ocampo - Drums, Percussion 
Steve Capecci - Bass 
Brett Tubin - Riddim Guitar 
Justin Rothberg - Lead Guitar 
Victor Axelrod - Organ, Piano 
Manuela Acevedo de González - Backing Vocals 
Henry Gustavo González - Backing Vocals 

Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Brett Tubin and Victor Axelrod 
Executive Produced by Brett Tubin 
Recorded at Don't Trip Studios 
Engineered by Victor Axelrod 
Vinyl Mastering by Alberto Roges 
Digital Mastering by Phil Moffa (Butcha Sounds) 
Artwork by J Bonner (Skylark Graphics) 

CHA-002: Uzimon feat Full Watts - Hard, SO, Hard // Ticklah - Bettah Version

SKU: CHA-002
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