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Channel Tubes’ latest release is a showcase that just might save the world. Out now are two sides from rising singer-MCs, making their Channel Tubes debut on a mission of love and empowerment.

Riding high atop a hypnotic, slightly spooky riddim comes Ranger Zero, an intergalactic rocksteady rebel carrying a torch, with a world-weary lonesome whistle.  Ranger Zero’s debut single “Love Comes Back,” a mysterious reggae Western laced with three part harmonies, is as catchy as it is forlorn. Alone in a foreign universe, Ranger Zero (an alias of NY singer Daniel Frith) promises to move heaven and earth to heal his lover’s pain – only to come face to face with the inevitable. “Throw my heart into the fire again, hoping this time you will see/ He who doesn’t learn from misery/will always be doomed to repeat,” Ranger Zero croons. Coming in with a missive from parts unknown, the singer says the track is about “being untethered and really feeling ill-equipped to deal with the task in front of you; basically having to fight your way through it and be okay with where you are.”  

On the flip is JonnyGo Figure, bringing the heavy riddim back down to Earth on his debut tune “Dread Situation.” Channeling the steppers era and DJs like Dillinger and Trinity, the MC trills of the deep frustration in Brooklyn, manifest in a year that was absolutely dread. “There’s not only the sufferation, but there's a lot of changes. You had the pandemic, you take what people have to deal with before the pandemic on a daily basis and it’s a dread situation.” Unleashed with a coolly complex flow, JonnyGo Figure riffs on gentrification and separation as Ranger Zero’s whistle works its way through the ether. A serious message atop a more serious beat, “Dread Situation” will nice up the dance.

“I love doing releases where I have two different vocalists” to explore the breadth of a riddim, says Channel Tubes head, producer and engineer Brett Tubin. Created during lockdown, Tubin reworked a particularly heavy Horseman drum track with his own original bass and guitar parts. The rest of the rhythm track was filled out with help from musicians near and far, including reggae legend Andy Bassford (lead guitar), Ray Jacildo (organ/fender rhodes), Ras Icah (piano) and JonnyGo Figure (wurlitzer).


Channel Tubes’ latest single is proof that greatness can grow from a dread situation. This introductory showcase of local and interplanetary talent is a sweet salvation, and the first of many from the Channel Tubes vaults.


This 7" single serves as a teaser to a forthcoming showcase album between Ranger Zero and JonnyGo Figure.


Upcoming versions on the “Love Comes Back” rhythm will feature legendary singer Milton Henry along with world renowned percussionist Larry McDonald and trombonist Ray Mason. More version to come!!

CHA-008: Ranger Zero - Love Comes Back // JonnyGo Figure - Dread Situation

SKU: CHA-008
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